The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

2 explosions leave injuries in the city of Homs, while al- Tawhid Army prevents the activists to enter to its points without prior authorization

Homs Province:

Sound of 2 explosions, information about a third, heard in the two neighborhoods of Ekrimah and Wadi al- Zahab, which are inhabited by Alawites, in the city of Homs, information reported that the reason behind the two explosions is explosion of 2 IEDs in the area leading to wound some people.  


Violent clashes are taking place between IS against the regime forces and allied militiamen in al- Dowah area located in the west of Palmyra city east of Homs.


SOHR received a copy of announcement issued by al- Tawhid Army in the northern countryside of Homs. The announcement states, “after issuing this resolution, it is strictly prohibited for any media person or agency to enter to any points affiliated to al- Tawhid Army’s battlefronts without prior authorization by the media office whatever the reasons. The media activists has the right to prosecute all those who violate this statement.”


It is noted that in the beginning of last May, more than 10 rebel and Islamist factions announced the establishment of al- Tawhid Army that includes al- Iman Billah Brigades Gathering, the Brigade 313 Jund Bader, Homat al- Aqida Brigade, Soqour Talbisah Brigade, Talbisah Brigade, Osoud al- Islam Brigade, Moawya Ibin Abi Sofyan Brigade, Sayf al- Islam Khattab Battalions, Soyouf al- Haq Battalions and all the independent battalions of the Operation Rooms.