The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Regime’s helicopters continues bombing the western Ghouta, and shelling on Homs and clashes in the northern countryside

Homs Province:
The regime forces bombed areas in the cities of Rastan and Talbiseh in the northern countryside of Homs, amid opening heavy machineguns fire on areas in the city of Talbiseh, while two fighters from the rebel and Islamic Factions were killed during clashes against the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them in the vicinity Hirbnafsah town in southern countryside of Hama, clashes also took place between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them against the rebel and Islamic Factions in the vicinity of Amiriya area and Oyoun Hussein in the countryside of Homs, amid targeting by the Islamic factions for an artillery for the regime forces at the clash areas which damaged it and information about casualties among both parties, also the activists of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights were informed that the second phase of al-Wa’er agreement in the city of Homs is started to take place in the neighborhood which witnessed earlier the exit of hundreds of civilians out of it, including children, women and fighters from the rebel and Islamic factions and others relative of members in the “Islamic state”, and the second phase begin by collecting weapons under the supervision of committees and the re-activation of several government departments in the neighborhood under the supervision of security agencies and the police and the continued entry of food and gas to al-Wa’er and to map the whereabouts of tunnels and landmines in al-Wa’er neighborhood except one part in the neighborhood, and to release detainees from the neighborhood “except for convicts, who is on trial a and the abductees from both sides”, and the start of the return of displaced people from the neighborhood and to deliver the Light weapons to the regime forces, and that this phase will be carried out in about a month from today, and the specific committees in the neighborhood will assess deficiencies and negativities and process it.


Rif Dimashq Province:
Regime’s helicopters dropped more barrel bombs on areas in the city of Darayya in the Western Ghouta, the helicopters also dropped barrel bombs on areas in the town of Khan al-Shih in the Western Ghouta, while the regime forces bombed areas in the town of Outaya in the Eastern Ghouta, also a child from the town of Muadamiyat al-Sham in the Eastern Ghouta (he is with special needs) died due to lack of necessary medication and treatment, also died two men from the town of Madaya because of the food shortages and poor living conditions in the town.