Violent Clashes continue in Der-Ezzor fronts • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Violent Clashes continue in Der-Ezzor fronts

Der-Ezzor province: SOHR was informed that the clashes still continue between IS and regime forces around al-Baghilia area, Ahyash town, and the western side of Der-Ezzor city amid aerial bombardment by Russian warplanes. Reliable sources reported to SOHR that the IS executed 6 soldiers around Ayash and al-Shametia towns after detaining him last night which witnessed the death of 11 soldiers in regime forces as IS militants were able to take over the hill which enable the IS to observe the brigade of 137, al-Baghilia, al-Saeqa camp, Ayasg warehouses, and Furat al-Sham hotel, The IS continue moving ammo and weapons after taking over Ayash warehouses. The clashe continue between the two forces around al-Jafra and Der-Ezzor military airport, reports of more human losses in both sides. 2 men were killed while others were wounded by aerial bombardment on al-Hesenia village in the western countryside. 

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