The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Aerial bombardment continue targeting al-Miadin city

Der-Ezzor province: A man from Der-Ezzor city was tortured to death in regime prisons after detaining him for months. 20 food aid containers have been dropped on regime controlled areas of Der-Ezzor. Aerial bombardment targeted al-Miadin city again what killed a child and wounded 15 others. Regime forces raided houses in al-Jora and al-Qosour which are controlled by the regime, and detained no less than 20 young men and girls. Al-Tharda mount is witnessing massive bombardment by Russian and Syria warplanes. Coalition warplanes targeted the villages of Mashekh and Hazira in the eastern countryside what wounded a number of civilians. Rose to 2 the number of people who were killed by aerial bombardment on al-Miadin this morning.