The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

8 Casualties in the aerial bombardment at Aleppo city, and violent clashes north of the city

Aleppo Province, The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights:
The regime forces shelled areas in Bab al-Hadid neighborhood at Aleppo city, which injured several people, while it rose to 8, including children and the citizen women, the number of people killed when warplanes bombed areas at the neighborhoods of Al-Qaterji, al-Shaar and Tariq al-Sadd at the eastern section of Aleppo city, and the death toll is expected to rise because there are some people in critical situation, in addition to missing people under the rubble, while clashes are still taking place between the regime forces and militiamen loyal to them against the factions in several areas in Aleppo city, where violent clashes took place between both parties in the areas of Bureij and Sheikh Najjar northeast of Aleppo city, and the area of B’eidin roundabout in Aleppo city, amid preliminary information about advancement of the regime forces in the areas of agricultural School, al-Majbal, al-Rawafea block, al-Hingarat, Kassarat and al-Manasher near al-Hamraa area in Aleppo city, and information about casualties in the ranks of both parties, also a missile believed to be ground-to-ground launched by the regime forces and fell on the scientific research area in the southern countryside of Aleppo, while warplanes targeted using the fire of heavy machineguns areas at the towns of Anadan, Huraytan and Kafr Hamra and Leiramon village in the northern countryside of Aleppo, while two shells launched by the factions on areas at Jam’eyyat al-Zahra’a neighborhood in Aleppo city, no information about casualties so far.