The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

21 children between 72 killed by a massacre by Turkish warplanes when Ardogan takes the child Bana in his chambers

The number of civilians who were killed by the Turkish massacre continue raising, after pulling more corpse from the rubble that caused by Aerial bombardment by Turkish warplanes, some of the wounded passed away due to the lack of medical sources and crew, The number of the dead rose to 72 civilians including 21 children and 13 women, the number included 9 families at least, in which considered the largest mass massacre by Turkish warplanes since its intervention in Syria, The massacre comes at the same time that Ardoghan meets the child Bana al-Abed who left the besieged Aleppo, what led to dissatisfaction status between civilians of al-Bab city saying ” His warplanes kill us, his forces besiege us, while he meets the child Bana who was evacuated, is it how he understands the humanity !? “

It is worth to mention that the Turkish forces crossed the Syrian borders in the 24th of August 2016, at the beginning of al-Furat Shield operation led by rebel factions backed by Turkish forces, which advanced in Jarablis and wide areas of Aleppo northern and northern eastern countryside, followed by sending more tanks, soldiers, and vehicles by Turkey into rebel held areas of the northern countryside, taking control on whats left of the border line between the western sides of al-Furat river reaching A’zaz and al-Bab city few weeks ago.

also, SOHR published yesterday that rose to 51 at least, the number of fighters and members of “Euphrates Shield” forces and Turkish forces supporting them who were killed in the attack on the western area of al-Bab city, and in detonating one booby trapped vehicle at least by the “Islamic State”, including 16 soldiers of the Turkish forces declared by the Turkish authorities, also it rose to 33, the number of members of the “Islamic State” organization who were killed in this attack, and in the shelling and clashes which accompanied it, also tens of members of both parties were injured during the fierce clashes that took place between them both.