Turkish troops and proxy factions launch new offensive on Al-Nayrab town amid intensive Turkish shelling

SOHR sources say that Turkish forces and proxy factions carried out a new ground attack on regime forces-controlled Al-Nayrab town in eastern sector of Idlib countryside.

The attack accompanied by intensive Turkish rocket fire with dozens of rocket-propelled grenades and artillery. Violent clashes took place between the two sides for the third time in a row, after the failure of two previous attacks carried out by Turks and proxy factions.

Reliable source informed SOHR that several Turkish vehicles were burned and damaged after the earlier airstrike on the perimeter of Turkish post in Kansarfra in Jabal al-Zawiya. Casualties among Turkish soldiers were reported as a result of aerial bombardment carried out by regime and Russian jets.

Moreover, the number of raids carried out by regime and Russian jets on Monday rose to 120, targeting (1) Balion, (2) Ehsim, (3) Al-Bara, (4) Al-Fatira, (5) Kawkabeh, (6) Mohambel, (7) Kafr Nabl, (8) Hazarin, (9) Basqala, (10) near Ma’aret Harmeh and other towns and villages in Jabal al-Zawiya in Idlib countryside. In addition to places in Jebel Shahshabo, while the civil defense center in Balion put out of service after being directly targeted by Russian jets.

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