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Turkish-backed rebel and jihadi groups attack Aleppo

Fierce clashes are still underway between regime forces and Iran-backed militias on one hand, and opposition rebel and jihadi groups on the other, in the areas of Al-Rashideen 4th sector, the area of the cardboard plant, Al-Sahafiyeen and Al-Humayrah nearby Aleppo city.

SOHR activists monitored noticeable advancement by the factions at the expense of regime forces and militias in the area. This advancement comes after the arrival of large batches of Turkish-backed factions in areas under control of HTS through Afrin. On the other hand, the factions recaptured Talllat Al-Sahafiyeen in the western countryside of Aleppo.

Hours ago, Observatory sources monitored the explosion of a car-bomb parked by a member of HTS near one of the buildings where the regime forces are holed up in at al-Sehafiyyen area in Aleppo countryside, while the violent clashes are still taking between the regime forces and the militias loyal to Iran, and between the rebel and Jihadi factions, in areas at the southern and western countryside of Aleppo.

The regime in Aleppo took control of Khan Tuman, Khan Tuman Warehouses, Khalidiya, Rajm, Tlul Hazmar, Khirbet Kharas, Tal al-Zaytoun, 5th Rashedin, and Marata.

Syrian Observatory sources also reported today that the regime forces advanced in al-Qarasi and al-Qal’ajiyyeh areas south of Aleppo city, while Russian warplanes bombed al-Kubra town and around Urem al-Kubra in Aleppo countryside.

Separately, today’s airstrikes by Russian jets rose 38 targeting Saraqib and its surroundings in Idlib countryside and various areas of Aleppo countryside.

Meanwhile, the number of barrel bombs dropped by helicopters on Saraqib and around it and the vicinity of Tal Mardikh rose to 18.

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