Russian drones fly over Idlib as tense calm continues in "Putin-Erdogan" area • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Russian drones fly over Idlib as tense calm continues in “Putin-Erdogan” area

SOHR sources say that tense calm continues throughout the area of “Putin-Erdogan” as the new ceasefire entered its fifth day in a row.

Meanwhile, opposition factions and regime forces have exchanged fire this morning on Kafr Ta’aal frontline in western Aleppo countryside, with suspension of aerial operations since Thursday evening. Russian drones have occasionally flown over the area.

Yesterday, Observatory sources reported that jihadist factions targeted a military vehicle belonging to regime forces on Al-Ankawi frontline in northwestern countryside of Hama.

Sniping and exchanging fire took place on frontlines between jihadist factions on one side, and regime forces and loyalists on the other.

Activist also told SOHR that regime forces, stationed in western Aleppo countryside, targeted Turkish military vehicle near the 46th regiment in Al-Atareb area with heavy machine guns, aiming at provoking Turkish forces. No casualties have been reported.

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