The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Military reinforcement in southern Idlib | “Al-Hamzat Division” bring in new reinforcement from northern Aleppo to Jabal Al-Zawiyah

SOHR activists have monitored the Turkish-backed “Al-Hamzat Division” bringing in new reinforcement from north Aleppo countryside to its positions in Jabal Al-Zawiyah in the southern countryside of Idlib. The recently arrived reinforcement included tens of military personnel and some heavy weapons.


SOHR sources have just reported artillery shelling with Turkish forces stationed in “Talae’ Al-Baath” camp in Al-Mastumah, targeting regime positions in Saraqeb city in the eastern countryside of Idlib.


Meanwhile, regime forces resumed their rocket attacks on positions in Jabal Al-Zawiyah in southern Idlib.


On the other hand, a Russian reconnaissance drone crashed in north Latakia countryside due to a technical malfunctions.


Observatory activists also reported earlier this morning a new round of artillery and rocket attacks by regime forces, targeting positions in Al-Fterah, Kansafra, Sfuhen and Fulayfel in the southern countryside of Idlib. Meanwhile, opposition factions responded with a similar shelling, targeting regime positions on the frontlines in southern Idlib. No casualties were reported.