The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Turkish drone attack | shelling on two positions in Al-Hasakah leaves soldiers injured

Al-Hasakah province: SOHR activists have documented the injury of at least two members of SDF in a Turkish drone attack on two positions, the first being an electricity station and the second being an SDF position near Al-Malkiyah “Direk” north eastern of Syria.

The drone fired two missiles on the 4th station of the electricity company near Qurah Jokh mountain.

The electricity station is located between Tekl Bakal and Burouj villages on the road of Saimalka border crossing with Kurdistan Iraq region.

A few hours ago, SOHR activists reported hearing loud explosions in Al-Malkiyah “Direk” city in the far north eastern of Syria, due to shelling by a Turkish drone near the 4th station of Rumailan oil fields in Tekl Bakal village in Al-Malkiyah “Direk” countryside, however no casualties were reported.

On January 20, SOHR sources documented the death of an SDF fighter and injury of two others in an attack by a Turkish drone on a group of SDF fighters and maintenance workers in a power plant in the Assyrian Tel Jemaa in the northern countryside of Tel Tamr.