Ras Al-Ain (Sere Kanye) | Fierce fighting between Al-Akidat and Al-Mawali tribes goes on, despite efforts to stop violence by Turkish forces • The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ras Al-Ain (Sere Kanye) | Fierce fighting between Al-Akidat and Al-Mawali tribes goes on, despite efforts to stop violence by Turkish forces

Al-Hasakah province: Syrian Observatory activists have reported that Turkish military armoured vehicles have entered Ras Al-Ain city Sere Kanye in Al-Hasakah countryside, in order to break up the violent fighting in the area that lasted from the dawn hours until the moment, between fighters of Al-Akidat tribe and affiliated fighters on one hand and armed members of Al-Mawali tribe and affiliated militiamen on the other.

Turkish forces have blocked roads and blocked entrances and exits to Ras Al-Ain city.

Syrian Observatory activists have added that violent clashes continue and have expanded into the villages of Tel Halaf and Douirah in the western countryside of Ras Al-Ain. In addition, there are mutual arrests between the two parties. Al-Akidat and affiliated armed men from the region have also demanded the expulsion of militants from other provinces.

SOHR activists have just reported that in the light of the killing of a member of Ahrar Al-Sharqiyyah who is also a member of Al-Akidat tribe by a leader of Al-Mawali tribe operating under the banner of Al-Hamzat faction in Ras Al-Ain last night, Al-AKaidat tribe have mobilized all its affiliated militiamen in Ras Al-Ain (Sere Kanye) and its countryside in Al-Hassakeh countryside.

Both Al-Qaraan and Al-Adwanah tribes have provided support to Al-Akidat by bringing militiamen and weapons.

All the fighters affiliated with Al-Akidat have waged a violent attack on gunmen from several factions present in Ras Al-Ain city in the early dawn hours of Wednesday.

Al-Akidat tribe have managed to control several neighbourhoods in Ras Al-Ain city, military headquarters and weapons of factions outside Ras Al-Ain city.

The violent clashes have left three fighters killed and eight fighters, who fought against Al-Akidat, injured.

Al-Akidat has also captured eight members of the factions.

The clashes that took place in the neighbourhoods have also left three civilians, including a child and a woman, injured, igniting fear and panic among civilians.

Meanwhile, the clashes continue as tribal military reinforcements arrive in Ras Al-Ain city from the countryside.

Yesterday, SOHR activists reported that members of Al-Mawali tribe killed a member of Turkish-backed factions, in Ras Al-Ain “Sere Kanye,” in revenge for the killing of a member of the clan, killed during previous clashes between factions in mid-April.

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