The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

The local council in al- Zabadani empowers Ahrar al- Sham Movement to negotiate by the name of civilians and factions, while 40 airstrikes target the city

Rif Dimashq Province: The violent clashes between the rebel and Islamist faction against the Fourth Division and Hezbollah are still taking place around al- Zabadani leading to kill a fighter from the Islamic battalions. Another fighter killed in clashes with the regime forces in the Eastern Ghouta.


The number of barrel bombs dropped on the city of al- Zabadani since morning has risen to 40.  


The local council in the city of al- Zabadani declared in a statement that it has empowered the political wing of the Islamic movement of Ahrar al- Sham in order to negotiate by the name of the civilians besieged in the city of al- Zabadani and the Armed factions, the statement stressed on the following points:

  • There are still 1000 families besieged in the city of al- Zabadani, where the regime forces cut off the delivery of humanitarian assistance to it since months.
  • The indiscriminate killing of civilians is still committed by Hezbollah and al- Assad regime and due to dropping barrel bombs, launching surface-to-surface missiles and shelling by heavy weapons.
  • We get surprised from the role of United Nations which is unable to prevent this genocide committed against the people of al- Zabadani by internationally prohibited weapons, meanwhile it immediately mediated in order to hand al- Zabadani over to the regime forces and to turn its rebels, who defend their land and houses, out.
  • The suspected role of UN in rewarding the regime politically for its violation of the international law whether by using siege and mass starvation or by using indiscriminate killing by barrel bombs needs an explanation from Mr. de Mistura.
  • Some members in de Mistura team, even though we do not consider them representing Mr. de Mistura and UN, exceeded the limits of their powers to be influential in favor of the regime abd its allies. This case is going to be dealt by all the parties of the Syrian revolution.
  • What the rebels do in the north of targeting the regime troops and the Iranian militias in al- Fu’ah and Kefrayya is the best way to prevent exterminating the civilians in al- Zabadani under the international collusion against al- Zabadani and the Syrian people in general.”


“We encourage all battalions that are able to offer support in our people in al- Zabadani not to be late and to hasten to ignite fire under the feet of invaders all over Syria, so the destiny of the people of al- Zabadani is under all the Syrian responsibility,” the statement concluded.