The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Salih Muslim calls the Kurds to prevent the formation of forces that target Autonomous Administration led by Turkish forces

In an interview with the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the participant of the Democratic Union Party “PYD”, described the relationship between the Syrian and Turkish regimes as “forced marriage” and its godfather is Putin, confirming that it will not result in anything because the gap between the two parties is huge, and they are united only by hostility to the democratic project that is lead by the Kurds.

He continued: “The idea of forming a joint force including Turkish mercenaries for combatting SDF was suggested, and despite the low possibility of this idea being approved, we have to be prepared for all possibilities.”

Muslim confirmed that the Autonomous Administration is not against the return of Syria to the Arab League, or the return of the systems to their relations as an internal issue.

He explained that Kurds are afraid of the Turkish forces and Turkish propaganda plans towards eastern of Euphrates.

The calls for normalization with the Syrian regime began to appear publicly after years of severing diplomatic relations, closing embassies, not dealing with Damascus, and accusing the Syrian president and his government of killing and displacing Syrians.