The Syrian Observatory For Human Rights

Ongoing uprising | Anti-regime demonstration staged in Al-Suwiadaa city

In an interview by SOHR, the human rights and civil activist “Raqiyah Al-Sha’er” has confirmed that a demonstration took place this evening in Al-Suwaidaa city as a part of the uprising which started in the province a few days ago. The activist said that the protestors called for the overthrow of the Syrian regime which has been seeking to acquiesce and starve the residents of the province, as well as all Syrian provinces.


Al-Sha’er noted out that the Al-Muwahhidun Al-Druze (the Druze community) issued a statement today, signed by Al-Aqel Sheikhs Abu Wael Hammoud Al-Henawi and Abu Osama Youssef Al-Jarbou’, but protestors expressed their rejection of the statement which they described as “an inappropriate statement that could be a document reflecting the residents’ demands which were manifested in the toppling of the Syrian regime.”