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Al-Qunaitrah | Israeli forces kidnap commander in Al-Ba’ath Party near border with the occupied Syrian Golan

Al-Qunaitrah province: Israeli forces kidnapped “Muta’a Al-Sarhan” a leading member of Al-Ba’ath Party and a member of the Reconciliation Committee, where Israeli soldiers in plainclothes crossed the border with the occupied Syrian Golan yesterday at dawn and kidnapped him from his house in Al-Rafeed village in Al-Qunaitrah countryside.


The residents of the village accused Israeli forces of crossing the borders with the occupied Syrian Golan to kidnap him, while there is no confirmed information about the reasons behind his kidnapping, whether for dealing with Lebanese Hezbollah or working for Israel.


It is worth noting that regime forces are prevented from approaching Al-Rafeed village, because it is considered a ceasefire-agreement zone between Israel and regime forces.