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Arbitrarily | Armed local group arrests two young men in middle Daraa countryside

Daraa province: Members of an armed local group in Daraa countryside arrested a young man and his cousin in the centre of Da’ail City in the middle countryside of Daraa, with no information regarding the reasons behind their arrest and their fates remain unknown.

It is worth noting that the young men hail from Boraq Sharqy Village in Al-Lojaa area, and live in Al-Mazirib Town in western of Daraa.

On February 24, an armed group raided a house in Ibtaa town in the central countryside of Daraa, with the aim of arresting a person accused of drug dealing and committing acts of theft, “robbery” and violations against the residents of the town.

After searching for him and not finding him in the house, the gunmen arrested his brother and his nephew, and took them to an unknown destination.