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Escaping from anti-Syrian sentiment | Fate of dozens of Syrian refugee remains unknown, after leaving for Cyprus from Lebanon by boats

The tragedy of the migration of Syrian refugees from Lebanon has topped the events once again due to increasing attacks and growing incitement campaigns against them by some Lebanese “racists.”

The Cypriot authorities have been preventing the entry of four out of six boats that headed towards Cyprus from Lebanon days ago, carrying around 400 Syrian refugees.
Only one boat, carrying 20 people: 13 men, a woman, and six children, was allowed to enter Cyprus, and another boat returned back to Lebanon. The four other boats remain at sea carrying tens of Syrian refugees, including women and children, and they unable to continue their journey to Cyprus.
Meanwhile, the Lebanese authorities refused to bring back the refugees, amid severe suffering and concerns among the Syrian refugees about being detained by the Lebanese authorities.
According to reliable SOHR sources a woman and her newborn baby died due to the detention of boats, amid calls for help and appeals to the relevant authorities to urgently put an end to their suffering and allow them to either return to Lebanon or continue their migration journey.

On January 22, SOHR sources reported that six decadent bodies of unidentified persons were found near the coast of Antalya-Turkey, where their cloths contained labels showing that they are made in Syria. SOHR suggested that the bad weather conditions led the boat to sinking and the bodies of those immigrants, who sought a safe haven, having been thrown to the Turkish coastline.

On the other hand, communications were lost with 25 other Syrian immigrants for six days, after the boat they were traveling in was gone missing near Cyprus’ coastline, where they had set off from Lebanon to Cyprus by sea with the help of smugglers, seeking a safe haven.